Terms of Service

Thank you for your interest in the Motorcycle Tourer's Forum Tourers' Assistant. The MTF TA has two levels of access: 1) Public Access and 2) Private Validated Member Access. All contact information is viewable by validated members, but you control what contact information is shared with the general public with the exception of the following:

In addition to the information above, validated members will be able to view your entire profile including:

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In the interest of securing the privacy of those that have registered, new accounts remain inactive until a volunteer from the MTF Admin team calls you to validate your account information. This usually occurs within a few days of registering. Once your account is validated, you will be able to login and enjoy the services of the TA system including greater access to online data and the ability to download a detail list of TA members in multiple data formats.

All validations are handled individually and performed by a small group of volunteers who have accepted the responsibility of ensuring your privacy as well as the integrity of the data entered. Additionally, the volunteers have demonstrated through their long-term participation in the MTF that they are trustworthy and capable of carrying out these steps faithfully and impartially.

The information provided by those that have elected to participate in the MTF TA is for the purpose of providing other riders with touring assistance. The information is to be used exclusively when in need of touring assistance and is not to be redistributed in any fashion, including sharing of the information with others.

If the MTF becomes aware of the misuse of the information, you may be denied future access to the information, be denied access to the Motorcycle Tourer's Forum Message and Chat Boards, and/or denied participation in MTF Events.

The MTF will not share your personal information with any other company or organization.

Again, thank you for your interest in the Motorcycle Tourer's Forum Tourers' Assistant program.

To accept these terms, click the 'Accept' button below. Otherwise, click the 'Decline' button.