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BobC WA State
Love the site.  Good luck on the 2005 
IBR.  Hopefully, you and Alan fare 

A MCTourer forum regular.
2004-08-26 10:45:44
jonathan monroe chorpus christy
IT was good to read your site I got a 
lot of good info
2004-08-20 07:40:31
Nancy&Mike Argyle
We are getting ready to ride to 
Talimena On our bike's this weekend 
Your Info was very helpful, can't 
wait ! 
2004-08-18 15:53:23
Joel Watson Irving, TX
Great site Jason! I will make time for 
longer rides this year.
2004-08-15 11:41:41
David McWhorter Magnolia, Texas

My brother-in-law, Brian Shows, turned 
me on to your web site.  Very nice 
indeed!  We met at Kelly and Brian's 
wedding many years ago.  Your statement 
about needing a bike you can ride "24 
hours a day" brought a tear of respect 
to my eye.  I like the way you think.

2004-08-15 02:55:02
Bob Armbruster Silver Spring,Md.
Jason, nice site. Like your writing 
style. Thanks for sharing your 
2004-08-04 23:17:07
Doni Ulmer aka girlscout39 Columbus, MS
Jason, great site!  I enjoyed looking 
at the pics.  But your commentary is 
the best...very entertaining!
2004-07-14 06:42:34
dan miranda chicago
hey, jason.  thanks for all your advice about 
the trip.  i'm at a new email address and still 
have a question or two to ask you.  if you get 
a chance, drop me a line.  i leave for the 
month long trip on 7/13.  thanks again for 
your help,
dan miranda
2004-07-08 16:32:43
Jim Orr Chandler, OK
I enjoyed reading your 49 state ride 
report.  Thank you for sharing your 
experiences and the many tips. I hope 
to do it next year.  Take care and 
ride safe.  Jim Orr
2004-06-14 06:48:51
Tony O. Poteet Texas
Thanks for sharing the pics.You may 
like the ride from Bandera to Leakey Tx.
2004-06-06 16:08:44
Gaye Barbor Baja C. Sur
Hello, hope you had a great trip to 
Alaska? Great to meet you on the 
ferry, it is so interesting to meet 
diffeent people who do such crazy 
different things!?
Hope you can stop by next time you are 
passing this way.
2004-05-31 11:12:59
Doc "C" Cow town
The day is getting closer.I have the 
650 ready for the Haul Road.Kenn and I 
will be leaving Key West on the morning 
of the 9th arriving in Pruedoe on the 
19th my 48th Birthday.Can not think of 
a better place to celabrate.Hope you 
are having a
2004-05-25 18:05:13
shovit SA, TX.
eon siamatre.  mmmmm.  F  gotcha
2004-05-11 22:05:52
Tasio Alicante, Spain
A letter from Spain...........
Thanks for that nice site Jason.
Lots of information and pictures.
I enjoyed it.
2004-05-02 15:06:24
Carrie Hanson Mpls, MN.
Hey there, stopped by looking for 
horsies after seeing your signature on 
MTF! Alas, no horsies.  But 
motorcycles are just as cool :)

Cool site, thanks!
2004-04-25 20:49:46
Mike Anderson St. James, Minnesota
(Hdgypsyman) on the Motorcycle Tourer's 
Forum.  Enjoyed your website and would 
love to shake your hand and say "hi" 
some day........
2004-04-13 00:29:43
Charlie Caton K.C. MO.
Headed for Talemina in two weeks.If you 
want a wild ride go to the Dragon Tail 
at Deels Gap N.C. 318 curves in 11 
miles. The whole area is some of best I 
have found
2004-04-11 09:06:13
Larry & Karen Goodwin 1914 Addison st.Inverness, Fl 34
What can we say, nice job Jason.
2004-03-28 19:11:00
Doug James Next door
Hi Jason, as you might already know I 
have agreed to buy a GS in Denver, 
gonna be a fun summer.
2004-03-26 16:32:47
Keith Oster Palm Harbor,, FL
What a great history of rides you have 
here!   Thanks for sharing it!

Keith Oster
2004-03-20 17:10:29

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