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Alice Jonas The netherlands
nice site, we were looking for sites 
with the same name as our son, also 
jason jonas. He even looks like the 
picture on the frontpage. Our son is 
two years old, so we will have to see 
what he's going to do later in life.
2006-03-09 11:20:39
Jason Robert Jonas Racine, Wisconsin
I also enjoy experiencing the open 
road, and i can really appriciate your 
2006-03-05 21:32:40
John J Lach Waukesha, WI
Very nice web site! Caught it through 
the link in the IBA forum. Maybe I'll 
run into you in Denver! Have a great 
Spring and Summer!
2006-02-22 19:53:07
Ushenko Ukraine, Kiev
Viktor Ushenko k49xn48f5h
2006-02-20 09:29:17
Vance Benedetti Pinellas Park,FL.
  Enjoyed your 48+ very,very much, 
especially the reunuion through Idaho.  
Good guidelines for a lot of 
2006-01-04 11:07:48
Vance Benedetti Pinellas Park,FL.
  Enjoyed your 49+ very,very much, 
especially the reunuion through Idaho.  
Good guidelines for a lot of 
2006-01-04 11:03:08
Randy Stout Omaha,NE
Great write ups.  For those of us who are unable to 
take time off to do these rides ,it is fun to read 
2005-12-09 10:17:01
Steve Short Fair Grove, MO
Thanks for the good 48+ ride report.  
Also thanks for the good time we had on 
the 2005 CC ride, I am thinking of a 
48+ in May and maybe a CCC.   Again, a 
big thank you.
2005-12-03 14:04:00
brett gate
we both like  foot ball.And they won
2005-11-29 19:22:49
Joshua Webb Navarre, FL
Cool Site....how might we make an 
arrangement so I could get mp3/wma 
formats of your "Coverdale/Page" self 
titled full album? And could you just 
email files as a delivery method? 
Thanks man....peace! 
2005-11-02 17:53:45
Tim Maloney Hideaway,Tx
Great Site Jason,found it looking for 
information on comfortable seats for 
1800's. Could not find anyone i knew 
that had any experience with this type 
of seat or who had many miles on a 
particular seat. Will take your advice 
and probably send off my seat this 
next week.  Good seeing you at your 
class reunion.  If you are around stop 
by sometime or lets go ride.
2005-10-28 16:56:39
Curt Summers My Home Town FW,TX
Jason,It has been some time since Key 
West.I just bought a New Dakar,Sweet 
bike.I am getting it ready for another 
Big Adventure.Ready to head north in 
06.Alway enjoy your pictures.They make 
me dream of my next ride. Keep Cool. 
2005-10-21 01:05:48
Kriss Scott Cowtown
Enjoyed your story and the pics of your 
adventure down Gilbert Pit Road to the 
Deep Shit Cattle Company.
You have a good eye for composition 
with your photos. 
Thanks for making my cruise (on the 
web) so interesting. 

Thanks, Kriss
2005-09-02 08:25:28
Wilson Boudreaux Cajun Country
Jason, It was really nice meeting you 
at Mae's on the Bayou. Good Luck in 
you future endeavors. Oh! Great site.
2005-08-13 20:48:16
George NIx Columbiana, Al
Jaso great web site. We will meet
somewhere on the road soon.
2005-08-11 13:06:40
Wayne Archer Hattiesburg, MS
Really enjoyed your web site. I admire 
what you have been able to accomplish 
in LD riding and the help you have 
been to others through the MTF Forum.
Thank you.  Hope to meet you some day.
2005-08-11 08:41:36
Mark Baker Whidbey island, Wa.
Hey Jason, I'm getting ready for a 8-
state ride and want incorporate a 
SS1000 for the first leg. I leave 
Seattle on Sept 3rd. Who do I contact 
for my info. I belong to WSBMWR of Wa. 
That's how I found your site.
2000 R1150GS
2005-08-10 08:00:23
Debbie (Intrepid) Smiths Grove, KY
I've really enjoyed reading what I've 
read so far, especially Gut Rider. You 
are not alone. Keep writing.
2005-07-11 17:48:58
Jason Jonas Lee's Summit, MO
Just surfing and came across another 
guy with my name!
2005-06-16 12:28:55
joseph tropeano norwell
just finished the iron but want to say 
thank you had a great exsperiance.look 
forward to getting, (as i like to say )
my reward for being crazy enough for 
doing the run.dr.ryne was just 
super.had all the t,s crossed and I,s 
dotted. thanks again.joe tropeano alias 
a real pain in the ass. ride safe and 
2005-06-12 10:02:43

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